Newberry Made Digital Exhibition - Enjoy! Custom Pens by Cworks Designs Heroes Painted Rocks by Newberry SC Rocks Donuts by Umm... So Delicious LWR Quilt by the Pomaria Community Quilters Wells Garden - Painting by Tyla Bowers Quilt by Karla Irby Tulip Rhapsody - Painting by Peggy Thomas Boho Pendants - Jewelry by Kendyl Griffith Diagnosis - Youtube Series Michael Tolbert Copper and Onyx Bracelet - Jewelry by Sam Orr Off the I - Blog and Podcast by Author Andy Hawkins Cowl - Clothing by Alicia Holbrook Garden Painting - Painting by Marlene Youngblood Wood: A Family Affair - Film by Michael Tolbert Semper Fi - Book by Author Deborah Brandon Gourmet Cakes by Umm... So Delicious LWR Quilt by the Pomaria Community Quilters Custom Pens by Cworks Designs Hugs Painted Rocks by Newberry SC Rocks Hay Day - Painting by Tyla Bowers Rose - Oil painting by Marjorie Huwa Trailer for The Farmhand - Short Film by Mesh Films, Directed by Shari Harding and Michelle Elise Harding Quilt by Karla Irby Good Time Girls - Painting by Peggy Thomas Pomaria Steam Engine - Mixed Media on Wood Panel by Robert Matheson Rindleshire Purse - Leatherwork by Mitzie Schafer Cable Knit Hat - Clothing by Alicia Holbrook Turtle Sculpture - Clay sculpture outdoor installation by Melody Trailer for A Week With My Father - Reality TV Show by Giacomo Knox Predation - Oil painting by Marjorie Huwa Come Into His Presence - Book by Author Deborah Brandon Quilt by Mitzie Schafer Wisteria Sculpture - Clay sculpture outdoor installation by Melody New Bethlehem - Black and white photograph by Robert Matheson
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NOTICE! The Newberry Made Exhibition at The Old Newberry Hotel has been postponed
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Newberry Made Artists & Makers

Aja Gaulden Alexis Sodlink Ali Stigall Alicia Holbrook Alston Shouse Alyssa Woolstenhulme Amy Matheson Andy Hawkins Anna White Anne Hester Annette Elston April Walker Becky Everett Bernadine Edmonds BerryPatchers Quilt Guild Bob Coleman Brandi Brooks Brandy Shultz Martin BriAna Arnold Bridget Carey Candice Lominick Carol Kohn Montgomery Celestine Graham Charles Johnson Christina Pomeroy Cindy Farr Cworks Designs
Debbie P. Turner Deborah Brandon Donna Wicker Donnie L. Bobb Dustie "Skeet" Steele Elizabeth Dickenson Emily Coats Eric Moore Erin White Giacomo Knox Gloria M. Glasgow Grace White Heather Jordan Henry Chapman Jajuana smoot Jamorian Abney Jay Uhrig Jed Donkle Jennifer C Jones Jessica Vaughan Jim Hilliard John W. Amick Johnny Homewood Jonathan Downs Joseph Johnson II
Karla Irby Kathleen Johnston Katie Walters Kendyl Griffith Kira Summer Kristi Kuehl Lane Henderson Joiner Laila's Wonderfully Made Goods Lee Boozer Liam Ellis Marci Cole Marilyn Marilyn Rawls Marjorie Huwa Mark Minus Marlene
Marquerite Palmer Mary Alex Kopp Maureen Taylor Megan Achelpohl Melissa A. Chappell Meliza Sanchez
Melody Mesh Films Michael Johansen Michael Tolbert Michelle Elise Harding Miranda Wheeler Mitzie Schafer Nancy Burkhart Nancy Patterson Norma Donaldson- Jenkins Newberry SC Rocks Patsy Sims Patty Paul Ringer Paula riddle Peggy Berley Peggy Thomas Pete Holland Raul E. Rodriguez Rebekah Clevenger Rena Johnson Pomaria Community
Renwick Price Shealy Rhonda Smith Robin Boatwright Robin White Robert Matheson Sam Orr Samie Worthington Sandra Oliver Serenity "T.T."
Gangale Shari Harding Sharon Graham Shavon Gibson Sheridan Murray Sonia Lopez Steffanie Shinn Taisha Caldwell TeQuona Neal Terrence Gallman Traci Dominick Trevor Colborn Tyla Bowers Tywanna Conner William McKinney Umm So Delicious